If you are looking for a multitasking product that protects, balances, and delivers nutrients to the skin, facial oils may be the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, facial oils help to form a protective lipid barrier, strengthening the skin’s natural defences. 

Many have shied away from including oils in their skincare routines, partly due to the misconception that applying oils will congest and clog the skin, or due to the misbelief that oils will “sit” on the skin and cause a sheen. Used correctly, oils may in fact help to regulate sebum production and prevent congestion while hydrating the skin and leaving you with an even and radiant complexion. 

Selecting an oil for your skin concern

With so many different facial oils on the market, choosing the most suitable facial oil for your skin may prove a daunting task. Single oil blends such as the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil were once a mainstay across the beauty industry; used by makeup artists and in beauty treatments to instantly revive and soothe out dry complexions, they are prized for their simple, clean, and potent formulations, minimising the risk of irritation potentially caused by other products. Recently, multi oil blends have began to dominate the shelves of beauty gurus, prized for their multitasking properties and effectiveness.

Dry skin with signs of redness, itchiness, acne etc

If you are looking to perk up your complexion and nourish your skin, the Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Oil works wonders in protecting and nourishing the skin, leaving you with a plumped and radiant complexion. Plant Squalene locks-in moisture while Sea Buckthorn oil soothes and calms the skin. This antioxidant rich blend contains numerous naturally derived organic oils that works to revitalise tired complexions and is ideal for dry, mature, and sensitive skin. We find this product to work exceptionally well on dry hormonal acne prone skin. It tackles the dryness and acne inflammations leaving skin looking calmer the next day.  Other tried and tested oils that we will recommend to help in skin rejuvenations include Botani Olive Skin Serum, Esse Probiotic Plus Serum 

Oily Skin with breakouts and occasional period bumps

The overproduction of sebum, which results in oiliness, is often caused by imbalances within the skin. By applying an appropriate facial oil, the skin is “tricked” into thinking that there is sufficient oil, leading to a reduction in sebum production, balancing the skin. The base oil of these oils are often Jojoba Seed oil or Grapeseed Oil as these oils contain constituents closest to our natural skin oil. Osea Essential Corrective Complex Oil achieves this by hydrating the skin with Jojoba Seed Oil, while a blend of Tea Tree, White Thyme, and Juniper oils help to eliminate acne causing bacteria while targeting blemishes. Our other favourite oils which never fail for oily acne prone skin are suki Balancing Oil and Odacite Jo+L  


Facial oils are one of the most versatile beauty products; they can be used alone, mixed with a serum or moisturiser, or over your moisturiser as a final step. They are also great for performing facial massages. Results can be felt as soon as in a day or over one week. 

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