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Based on 140 reviews
Fresher looking skin

At first a skeptic, but I’ve used it twice so far and honestly I can see my face is clearer, brighter and smoother . It did a good job removing dead skin cells so that the rest of my beauty products are better absorbed into the skin.

My favourite facial

My favourite facial - not only is it pampering, but I can see a noticeable brightening effect, which I really appreciate for ageing skin

Really Back to Life!

Purchased my 1st bottle few months back when i experienced eczema flare ups on my face which was made worse with mask wearing. Applying the serum on my face immediately soothes n cools the angry bumps. Bought 2 more bottles!

Refreshing Toner

A refreshing mist that can be used as a toner. I like the rosy smell.

A soothing mask with a soothing scent for my senses

I did a laser for skin rejuvenation. The laser left my skin irritated and very red, it was so sensitive that even my usual gentle milk cleanser felt burning. I used this mask to reduce redness and it went on without the burning sensation. The scent is good to soothe my mood. Overall a good feel so I will repurchase it.

This literally changed it. LITERALLY

I just reviewed the other two Venn products (cleanser and All-In-One Age Reversing Concentrate) but this one just nailed it in terms of resulting in the biggest improvement to my skin! After just 2 weeks of use, my skin is brighter, glowing, scars and pigmentation visibly lighter AND the effect of the reduction in blocked pores (clogs surfacing quickly and eventually falling off) was really quite dramatic. It really is an amazing product! I use this before applying the all-in-one concentrate (after absorbing completely).

Ingenious idea of streamlining daily facial products

Ever since I’ve been using this, I found that the clogs under the skin have significantly reduced! I used so many skincare regimens that used the traditional separate toner, serum and moisturizer and I think all these made my skin more stubborn with annoying blocked pores. For me, this is more suitable than the vitamin B one as that one feels richer to the skin - great for dry skin unlike mine which is normal-dry. Just 2 pumps is enough to cover my whole face and neck. Lovely light “oat-y” scent to it too! Highly recommend (especially for the lazy mothers like me with small monsters - I mean children to tend to).

Light in texture but effective!

I am in love with so many of the Venn skincare products and this one doesn’t disappoint! It is a cross between a milk and gel cleanser and it has a light scent to it. I look forward to using this daily. Zero dryness and irritation and I find that it leaves the skin baby-soft everytime! Recommend!


I really liked this set as it allowed me to try different OSEA products at great value! Particularly enjoy the cleaning mud and the moisturizer kept my acne away :)

Smooth hair texture

This is 1 shampoo that doesn’t require condition and yet my hair doesn’t feel dry and it still feel so soft after using it.

Nice Mineral Sunscreen

A really nice sunscreen that smells fruity (natural scent) and does not cause breakouts!

gentle hydrating serum

Very gentle serum, not itchy on my skin and easily absorbed.


Lovely fresh scent, melts away makeup easily and wash off without oily residue. No second cleansing needed, love the convenience!

Good Mask

It is a very soothing mask, it brightens up my face.

Transformative Purifying Masque

This is my pimple/spot cream! Just dab on spots and it'd clear in a few days. Best part if knowing that only natural ingredients are used to clear troubled skin area.

Great product

I love this moisturizer.It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. So happy to have found this product.

I Love It

I love that the booster is quickly absorbed and my skin texture looked smoother
and my complexion was brighter.


This concentrate helped in keeping my skin plump,clear,and bright.I really love it!

Nice fragrant moisturiser

I bought this for my Mum. Its very nourishing and pleasant to have such a nice fragrant moisturiser on her face

Quick delivery!:) I have tested the product twice and I am really amazed by how well my dehydrated skin absorbed it and how much more hydrated it became. Best of all, the product has no scent (no artificial fragrances or potential irritants) :) I will continue to observe to gauge its efficacy! Thanks Helen for the recommendation!

Light weight and everyday

love this moisturizer - it's so perfect for everyday use on my sensitive/combo skin. Definitely will be purchasing again.

Light and calming moisturiser

I have combination skin and I enjoy using the moisturiser since I first started a month ago. It has an interesting floral scent, which took me a little while to appreciate and developing a liking for it. As it is readily absorbed into the skin, I dot my entire face and neck before lightly massaging my face. Thank you Clarice for recommending this to me!

Facials are pure bliss

Hadley is remarkable and so knowledgeable about the skin. She knew immediately what my skin needed. The products are always so heavenly and my skin was so grateful weeks after my treatment. Thank you Hadley!

Evolve Organic Beauty Discovery Box:

Happy to purchase of value Evolve Organic Beauty. After applying the mask, the skin having smooth and radiant. Like the serum, hydrate skin. Love it

Dream Product

Was after much thought before i decided to purchase the 20ml version and omg, it felt like a dream, although a very luxurious dream. After two uses, i could feel the difference in the morning. Face felt softer. So i impulsively got the 50ml one too! sometimes i only use a toner then this or just this w spf. I would caution against using any bha before the product though as my face turned red. But wrote to VENN team n they say ideally that shouldnt happen so could be just me. Def would repurchase just n slowly streamlining to keep my routine simpler n faster ✌