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A good product that helps to define my curls

It defines my curl and kept it from looking frizzy. Scent is soft and nice. I use it very day without fail. A keeper

Improve my skin


Improve my dark eye circle not so dry.

[FIRST TIMER OFFER] Signature Organic Facial

Toner for sensitive skin!

This toner is very soothing and never irritates my face. Just a few spray before applying serum or moisturizer. Or can use it on a hot day after the sun.

Best and affordable hyaluronic acid serum!

Love how fast it can absorb into my skin. It works well with sensitive and combination skin like mine.

Amazing facial session

I had a very comfortable first trial session, it was very relaxing throughout. Therapist Clarice was very gentle and professional, thank you for the good service. :)

MV SKINTHERAPY Native Power Serum

Lovely hydrating serum that feels great on skin, especially when the skin is still slightly moist from a lightweight mist, toner or essence. It smells lovely too. I wished the pump had a half pump feature so that it’s easier to stick to the recommended dose on days when time is a little tight.

MV SKINTHERAPY Instant Revival Booster
Alex Ng
Great day oil

Smells divine and goes on pretty light. A little goes a long way and I usually use it under sunblock

Pose Plus

Love the rose plus face oil. Smells divine and not oily at all. Moisturises my face really well and a little goes a long way

Absolutely lovely

I love rose scents and products so this facial is perfect for me. I so enjoyed it and would love to do another one 🌹

My go-to

I'm on to my 5th bottle and it's all I ever need to shrink pimples that pop up every time my period comes around. Very effective.

Great quality dry brush!

I dry brush my skin every 2-3 times a week before showering. I have a regular brush from Shopee so I got curious how this will compare. Verdict: Osea brush is definitely better quality w stronger bristles. Better base grip so it’s easier to use and most importantly: I feel more tingle on my skin means my lymph is stimulated!

Value for money workhorse cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for years and I love how it's able to cleanse my oily skin thoroughly without making it feel dry.


It helped to reduce the scalp acne and flakiness of the scalp. Shampoo also lathered well after the scrub. I also used it around the neck and shoulder to cool the body during hot days.

Very small but effective!

helps quickly with acne/breakouts!!

Very light & moisturising

i love this product! repeated purchase as its very light & works really well beneath makeup

Repeated Purchase

Smells so good i love it!

Inna Organic Lemon-scented Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily Hair and Scalp (EXP:ARP'22)
Vera O.
Works wonder for my oily scalp

I am going into my second bottle. Works wonder on my oily scalp. It keeps my scalp feeling fresh the whole day. Most other shampoo can’t keep the grease at the bay by mid day.

Great Product

Very refreshing. Skin feels clean and bright. It has a nice smell. Not drying on the skin.

Venn Lifting Mask

I’ve been using and repeating purchase for this product! Rly love it & i wake up with glowy skin the next morning

A good face oil

nice rose scented face oil, it does brighten up my face. I apply this before bedtime and my face feels rather hydrated the next morning.

Great first time facial at pure tincture

It was a wonderful experience doing my first ever facial here! Thank you for the relaxing time :)


Make my face feel great