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Based on 174 reviews

The Organic Pharmacy Rose & Bilberry Toning Gel

More than Just a Toner!

I love to use it as it calms my skin redness, and fast absorbing and eases that tightness feeling after face washing. Also preps my skin for next application as it doesn’t make my skin sensitive. Most importantly the rose smell is heavenly. Will definitely keep using it!


My face improve a lot when using this serum

Magic cleanser

I adore the rose scent.This cleanser gently exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises all in one. It really soothes and calms my skin, cleanses it beautifully and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and looking glowy. This magic cleanser will hydrate your skin like you won't believe!" I just love it!

Pure Tincture Organic Beauty

its good. it has that tinge of strong bitter taste.
i have frequent headaches and coughs. first time i took it, it goes away immediately. im taking it a teaspoon a day during iftar. its great for me.

Protection Cream

Great product

Luna nectar magnesium sleep oil

One of my newest bedtime rituals is using 2 sprays of this with some lavender oil... I find this helps to relax my sore neck and shoulder muscles and lull me into sleep gently. I love it!
I used 4 sprays accidentally the first time and found myself a bit too relaxed for most of the waking day after I woke up... perhaps a testament to the potency for first time users!

Pretty good conditioner. My 3rd purchase

Enjoying using this conditioner! This is my 3rd purchase and I think I will continue using it. Smells good and makes my hair feel soft without build up. Highly recommend

Evolve organic beauty hyaluronic eye complex

Provides sufficient moisture without feeling greasy. Great eye product!

Really good for every day use

This moisturiser has the nicest smell and texture. I have oily skin and I find this really comfortable to use especially during the day :))

Love this red oil serum!

This serum gives my skin radiance and brightens it up too! A little goes a long way!

Great for dry skin

This works very well for my dehydrated skin. A little goes a long way. I am on to my fourth bottle now!

My hair is less frizzy now. Would recommend

It has a thick creamy texture with a soft natural scent. I used it right after shampoo, left it on for 5 minutes, rinse then apply the Color Radiance Conditioner (as per the instruction). Hair looked soft, shiny (the way I like it) after blow dry. Would recommend. Love it.

Evolve Radiant Glow Mask

Skin glows & brightens after the mask is washed off & till the next morning.

Really soothing

Helped with red spots, very cooling and soothing

Very active face oil

The color of this oil is intriguing and the ingredients are amazing! I found that the oil was a heavy feeling oil, and also very very active. For sensitive skin, it may be a bit too much. I can only use a tiny amount and I have to dilute it or mix it in with my moisturizer to avoid skin sensitivity.

Not moisturizing enough for me

This is a nice lightweight moisturizer but if you have very dry and sensitive skin, this may not be enough moisture for you!

Nice, lifted and hydrated

This mask leaves my skin hydrated and lifted. I like it and feel it is worth the price.

Too strong for my scalp

I love the amazing ingredients of this shampoo, but I found that the ingredients were too strong for my hair follicles which are weakened from lots of dying and highlights. I wanted to love this shampoo but found it to be not so great for my hair.

So So hydration mask

I wanted to love this hydration mask, because I need a lot of hydration, but its quite thin and runny and doesn't moisturize that much. I will use it up but not purchase it again. Its not bad, but for me it doesn't work too well.

Blown away by this serum

I'd never heard of this brand before, but decided to give the serum a try. WOW, it blew me away and I find myself reaching for this serum day after day because it is so gentle and so calming on my skin…..its a fantastic product and I would high recommend for anyone who has extremely sensitive skin!

Soothing mask

This is a soothing mask for those with really sensitive skin like mine. Its not particularly moisturizing, but is very calming when your skin flares up or is acting very very sensitive.

Worth a try

This is a nice sunscreen….a little thick at first, but then it sinks in after a while and will work well with makeup. This has been reformulated since the original version and it is more blendable and more cosmetically elegant now compared to the first version of this product. Worth a try if you are looking for a natural sunscreen.

Lovely hydrated Skin

I have very dry skin and I use this instead of a toner to keep my skin hydrated and fresh before applying serums. It is lightweight but it does add moisture and helps to retain the moisture. Love it and love all the Odacite oils and lip serum so much!