Gua Sha is a technique derived from Chinese Medicine which utilises a Gua Sha tool (usually a piece of Jade or Rose Quartz) to relieve tension and boost circulation. Our face has 43 muscles which we use constantly to express ourselves and for daily activities. Just like any other part of the body, repeated actions can cause tension to build up in our facial muscles over time, accelerating the skin’s ageing process.

Many people have attributed their improved skin appearance following consistent Gua Sha massages to its ability to gently yet effectively encourage circulation. There are also claims that Gua Sha helps alleviate migraines, neck and shoulder pains. The most noticeable immediate effects are however, commonly reported to be a radiant complexion and a more lifted contour, known to many as the desired “V Shape”.

Preparing the skin

Prepare for this rejuvenating and relaxing treatment by double cleansing your skin. We love using cleansers that are hydrating and nourishing, such as the Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil and The Organic Pharmacy Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Milk. These gentle formulas are suitable for all skin types, particularly those with sensitive skin types, and will calm and hydrate the skin while removing impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Next, prep your skin for the treatment by balancing and hydrating the skin. Use a hydrating toner with a cotton pad such as the Shea Terra Moroccan Orange Blossom Facial Water, or for a more spa-like experience, spray a facial mist liberally using vitamin infused mists to drench your skin with antioxidants. For sensitive skin types, we particularly recommend the Pai Lotus and Orange Blossom Bioaffinity Skin Tonic soothes, calms, and protects the skin. 

The Massage

Before beginning the massage, select an appropriate oil to target your concerns. Apply 3-5 drops of oil between your palms and gently pat the oil onto your face, neck, and décolleté. You may also wish to inhale a few deep breaths of the oil to revitalise your senses and elevate your mood.  We recommend adding some aloe vera gel to oil if you prefer a lighter texture glide. 

The Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil works hand in hand with the Gua Sha technique to firm, lift, and plump the skin while the botanical scents of the Osea Essential Hydrating Oil calms and refreshes, while working to hydrate the skin.

Begin from the sides of your neck; gently and firmly sweep in an upwards motion until the Gua Sha touches the earlobe, repeating each action thrice. Move inwards towards the Adam’s apple and repeat.

Next, holding the tool flat, sweep from below your chin outwards towards the earlobe. This helps to relieve jaw tension and boost lymphatic drainage. Gradually move upwards and sweep beneath your cheek bones towards the jawline, paying particular attention to the smile lines. At the jawline, press the tool gently and jiggle to encourage blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

Use the smaller end to gently massage the undereye area, ending at the hairline. Remember to do this with extra care as the skin under the eye is thinner. If your eye area is particularly sensitive and dry, you may prefer to prep the area with a lightweight eye serum, this will soothe the area and the Gua Sha technique will also enhance penetration of the product. 

The forehead is often an area where tension accumulates. Starting at the corner, sweep the tool firmly and slowly from the eyebrows up towards the hairline. With every swipe, you should feel the tension gradually easing. Move inwards towards the temple and pay particular attention at the temple.

Wrapping up

Gently remove excess oil from your skin and end it with a satisfying and uplifting experience spritz of hydrating mask. We love using the Inna Organic Neroli Brightening Facial Mask as a pre-party prep for an enviable glow, or the Inna Organic Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Facial Mask to heal and protect our skin. 

Although generally safe when performed correctly, we do not encourage performing at home Gua Sha facials on active acne outbreaks or any open skin lesions. Please contact a professional before attempting this if you are experiencing any skin conditions.

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