If you have longed for a pampering non-invasive machine based treatment with no down time that promises to enhance the skin appearance through natural rejuvenation, 3-in-1 Firm & Glow Organic treatment may just be the perfect facial for you! The three-part treatment: 1- radio frequency, 2- oxygenation and 3 - serum infusion is backed by science and also comes with several customisable options to suit every skin type. 

Perfect as a red-carpet treatment or as part of a customised treatment plan, this gentle yet effective treatment can be performed regularly for longer lasting results. Sounds exciting? Before you rush to book your first 3-in-1 Firm & Glow Organic treatment, here are a few reasons that will leave you absolutely impressed with this technology.

Part 1 - Radio Frequency 

Radio Frequency one of the most reliable and effective method skin firming technology. RF energy into the skin to generate heat through resistance in the dermal layer. Heating the dermis stimulates dermal activity, tightens collagen fibers and increases new collagen production. 

Part 2 - Oxygeno

If the idea of mechanical machine exfoliation draws associations with microdermabrasion, you are not alone  that thought was what came to our minds when we first learned of the steps in this new treatment. However, the Oxygeneo machine uses a gentle non-invasive apparatus and different technology without a vacuum suction, to exfoliate and is suitable even for sensitive skin types as it comes in 3 different modes, . As the manufacturer states,  the treatment allows you the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalising nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within.

You may have noticed that following facials, products seem to be absorbed better by the skin, or you may have felt like your skin was drinking up  serums and moisturisers. This is in part due to the exfoliation and extractions performed during the facial, which gently removes dead skin cells and skin impurities. Imagine a probe that exfoliates and increases the skin permeability to boost product absorption while delivering a nutrient-rich gel straight into your skin. This is exactly what Oxygeneo does, all while stimulating blood circulation and infusing a customised treatment gel to target and treat specific skin concerns.  The result is plumped, soothed, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin.

The final step of this step triggers organic oxygenation of the skin, rejuvenating the skin in an innovative way without the need for injectables. This novel treatment stems from the Bohr effect - utilising carbon dioxide to achieve increased oxygen levels in the blood, which is well documented to have positive effects on the skin. Unlike other treatments and products that tout the direct application of oxygen on the skin, Oxygeneo oxygenates the skin from within, leaving an immediate and lasting glow. With repeated treatments, appearance of wrinkles are gradually diminished and skin texture is improved.

Part 3 - Infusion 

The final step of the treatment involves using ultrasound  to gently warm the skin for better cellular metabolism. Moisture is increased and puffy eyes reduced. This step is used with a customised serum suited for the skin.  

At Pure Tincture, enjoy this skin rejuvenation treatment together with organic skincare products, reaping the benefit of both technology and nature.  While the mask is on, enjoy a relaxing shoulder massage that leaves you rejuvenated both in and out.

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