After a decade of experience, we have put our experience together and come up with 4 signature organic treatments, namely: - Ultra Glow, Ultra Calm, Ultra Hydrate and Ultra Clarity.

Each of these 2 to 2.5 hour signature treatments comprise of 2 customized masks, full cleansing extraction, choice of acid or ampule,choice of Cryotherapy or RF eye treatment and 20 minutes of LED light immersion. The products used in these treatments are especially selected to produce the desired results.  For instance, Shea Terra Argan and Camel's Milk Cleanser to brighten up the skin in Ultra Glow. 

The facial start off with a calming aromatherapy to ease your mind and relax your inner being into our space. Your skin is gently double cleanse skin with the specially selected cleansers to remove all makeup and ensure that the surface of the skin is totally cleansed.

This is followed by a concoction of natural acids (if the skin allows), as the acid works it magic to loosen the bonds of the dead cells, a gentle exfoliator is applied to slowly slough away the dead cells. Skin is professionally extracted to ensure minimize potential scarring and post extraction inflammation.  

Depending on the skins need, Cryotherapy is used to ensure vasoconstriction, decreased metabolism, lowered tissue temperature reduce inflammation. Red inflamed skin is soothed by gentle cool probe that goes round the skin in circular motion. Serum is added timely so that it gets absorbed better into the skin. Senses is soothed too by the cool sensation and repetitve motions. A very comfortable sensation with effective results. For tired eyes, opt for our relaxing RF eye treatment.

While you are lulled into your dreams, we prepared the oil for the facial massage. A mixed of lymphatic drainage pumps, accupressure points massage or uplifting long strokes is performed on your face, neck and shoulder. The rest of the masks and cocktails of serums are applied for good results. Lastly, LED is hovered over your face as the serum / mask works together with right light to achieve skin objective. 

You can expect total 2 to 2.5 hours of serenity with any of our ultra signature treatment at $340 ala carte or $238 from package.

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