If you are a regular you would know about or even have experienced our Tea Infusion concoctions. Does “Relax Tincture” sound familiar? One of our signatures and favourites, this is just an example of the various blends used and offered before, during, and after our facials for a complete and multi-sensory experience.

Did you know that beyond being a beverage with rich cultural roots and a deep history, tea is actually used in cosmetic formulations as well and has numerous benefits for the skin. Regularly sipping tea can help you reap some of the benefits too! What is an infusion? An infusion simply means adding ingredients to water to create flavour, each time you brew tea or even add warm water to a pack of team you are creating an infusion. Adding essential oils to water or tea is also creating an infusion.

Teas are packed with antioxidants and tea infusions allow us to consume and reap the benefits of these antioxidants in concentrated amounts. Polyphenols are found in tea leaves and are beneficial not only as a free radical scavenger to reduce oxidation and inflammation (anti-ageing), but is also known to regulate blood sugar, improve digestion and repair DNA. All of which can contribute to a healthier looking complexion, a reduction in the signs of ageing and inflammatory skin conditions including acne. However, it is important to note, that consuming tea alone is unlikely to resolve all the problems but may contribute to the improvement of such skin concerns. 

Some teas, especially black teas, contain the potent antioxidant theaflavins. They are known to combat inflammation, regulate blood sugar and support hormonal balance within the body. This can contribute to a radiant and glowing complexion. This also supports sensitive skin by reducing overall inflammation and in the long run, would improve the skin’s complexion.

Apart from direct skin benefits, teas can also have a positive impact on our mood, contributing to an improvement in our overall wellness and stress reduction. Afterall, a facial is also about the experience and we aim to create a comfort, stress and fuss free environment that is conducive for a complete retreat.

Chamomile and lavender tea, along with several other floral teas, can boost your mood while allowing you to relax and calm your senses. Our herbal blends include customised selections of organic teas best suited for you. 

Teas are also calorie free (good new for those watching your calorie count) and contributes towards better immune function!

Can’t wait to experience an organic tea infusion for yourself? Book yourself in for a facial now. Are you new to Pure Tincture? Contact us directly to find out more about special promotions for first time clients.

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