Is your skin looking a little dull after the festive season? While we had fun indulging in bubblies, its now back to reality and we are back to juicing! Ever wondered which juices could be the ideal pairing for your beauty-oriented breakfast or as a pick-me-up refresher? Freshly squeezed or blended juices are hydrating and contain vitamins and anti-oxidants and are generally good for the skin and overall health. If you are counting calories, limit the number of juices you take each day as some of them may contain quite a number of calories without keeping you full. However, one to two servings of juice a day can fit into most diet plans and can be a good way to give your body a vitamin boost and a burst of hydration, both of which are important for glowing and healthy skin.

Vitamin C (and zinc) is crucial in collagen production. Hence, good old freshly squeezed lemonade and orange juice is actually an excellent and easy to prepare juice that has benefits for the skin! Your body requires Vitamin C to combat oxidative damage, much of which is unavoidable, and to produce collagen. Consuming enough Vitamin C from food sources can reduce inflammation which is a cause of ageing and acne.

Beetroot juice, carrot juice, and tomato juice all contain Vitamin A which is another important Vitamin for the skin and is harder to obtain from food we often consumer. Vitamin A helps to regulate cell function and can combat issues such as acne. In fact, prescription isotretinoin used to treat acne is actually a very concentrated form of Vitamin A! Beetroot juice also contains Vitamin C, K, folic acid and other minerals which have anti-inflammatory properties. A diet that helps keep inflammation levels low is key to maintaining healthy skin that glows and can help in reducing the appearance of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. If these red juices are not to your liking, try squeezing some lemon in them or adding some organic honey (also rich in antioxidants) to balance out the taste for a more palatable juice.

Cucumber juice is not something we often think of. However, blending cucumber with coconut water or adding it to your juice can be a hydrating treat for your skin (and for your body!). Refreshing and pleasant, this juice goes well with honey and is our favourite post work-out quencher. It also goes well with tea infusions as it has a neutral taste.

Papaya, pineapple, and banana juice is something unique to the tropics and easily available for us. Reap the benefits of these tropical gems; packed with enzymes that help digestion, vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, these juices boost hydration and promote sleep. Papaya also contains papain that is actually used in exfoliators to brighten the skin. 

Watermelon juice is an excellent sweet treat that also has skin brightening benefits and contains a host of antioxidants to combat inflammation and ageing. For an extra boost, try squeezing lemon to green tea and mixing it with watermelon juice. The healthy fruit cocktail not only boosts hydration levels but is loaded with anti-ageing compounds that can clear your skin and promote an enviable glow.

For those ginger fans, there is one more reason to add the root plant (or its powder) to your juices and teas. Ginger is rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds that have even been shown to suppress lipid peroxidation increase levels of glutathione! These can lead to the maintenance of the skin’s integrity overtime and reduce the signs of ageing while combating blemishes leading to a more even skin tone. 

While juicing can definitely contribute to healthy looking skin, it is important to integrate this into a skin-friendly lifestyle. Avoiding intentional sun exposure, not smoking, using SPF consistently, and drinking plenty of water are some examples of sensible skincare lifestyle habits.

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