Are you a teenager with acne issues? A young woman in her 20s or a man in his 40s? Facials are for everyone, and everyone needs them! After all, who does not enjoy an hour dedicated to themselves? 😉 The key is being able to find a professional therapist and environment that suits your needs. No two facials are the same and they should not be. That is because everyone’s skin and the products use differ. Our skin also has different needs and requirements from time to time. If we are experiencing a bout of stress, we may be experiencing dryness, sensitivity, or acne caused by hormonal imbalances. 

Hence, customised facials are what you should be looking out for. All facials at Pure Tincture are customised (we will only use appropriate products for your skin and amend them as required). Our products are also clean, i.e. free from nasty ingredients that can potentially cause irritation, artificial fragrances, and also tested on ourselves.

What is included in a facial?

When one thinks of a facial, they may think of deep cleansing and extraction. This is definitely an integral part of our facials but a facial at Pure Tincture includes so much more. From destination facials for a quick lunchtime escape (a multi-sensory experience for a quick escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, enquire to find out more!), to a customised organic facial that soothes and calms skin or for deep cleansing facials to solve your acne and blemish woes, we have you covered. We also incorporate technology in our facial. Although we believe in using clean and organic skincare, the technology available to use today, including LED, allows us to boost cell regeneration and combat acne causing bacteria as well as soothe sensitive skin in a way that would be difficult to achieve without the help of technology. 

Our client Fadizilah describes our facials as “impressive” and notes that they “focus on using organic products to ensure my skin looks hydrated, joyful, and bright. Love the scent of their products which are important to me in a facial”. 

Facials are not only a good way to keep our skin’s oil-water balance in check but also a great escape from our daily stressors which contributes to better overall wellbeing. This will leave us with a brighter and healthier looking complexion.

Men can also benefit greatly from facials as they tend to have oilier skin and our facials can help with deeper cleaning to reduce blemishes and acne.

Selected facials also include Radio Frequency (for tightening, firming and collagen stimulation) and Oxygeneo (to brighten, cleanse, hydrate). Enjoy a complimentary (and complementary) head, shoulder and neck massage when doing organic facials with us. This helps to elevate your mood and ease tension, which contributes to ageing. 

If I do lasers and injectables, are facials necessary?

Absolutely. In fact, facials are complementary to medical treatments done at aesthetic clinics. However, it is important to have an appropriate interval between facials and invasive treatments. Please consult your practitioner over the necessary interval and preferably, inform us if appropriate. 

Dry skin caused by lasers can be alleviated with hydrating facials, deeper cleansing of the pores may enhance the results and prevent breakouts following lasers. Facials help to keep the skin hydrated and balanced between visits to aesthetic clinics.

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