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Interesting experience!

Like others have mentioned, this massage is not your typical relaxing session, but rest assured you'll be in Hadley's super experienced hands! Using magnets to go over almost every part of the body, it is at times painful, sore and ticklish. But it really helps to stimulate circulation, with the effects lasting days after. Worth a try! A big thank you again to Hadley for her meticulous therapy skills for 2 hours straight :)

Meridien Body Treatment

The Meridien body treatment at Pure Tincture by Hadley has become an important part of my wellness routine.
Hadley is very skilled, knowledgeable and reassuring. She makes me feel very comfortable during our sessions.
After she helped me through the initial discomfort and soreness of my very first session, I now look forward to the benefits of this treatment, which I get done at least monthly.
I sleep better after the treatment, my skin looks more even with the circulation flowing and my steps feel lighter.

All the right points!

I didn't know what to expect when Helen recommended me to try Meridian with Hadley.

As a lover of tuina, I love the firm strokes and pressure on the right pressure points. Painful at some parts but the relief afterwards is SO SO good. Not to lie, I came out pretty 'battered' with bruises after the first session, not unlike guasha. Hadley is very professional and friendly.. 2h may seem long but it's just the right amount to sufficiently loosen every knot. I usually stack and end w a facial which is relaxing.

It is difficult to find a trustworthy place to have massage and I'm so glad I found it in my favourite facial spa. :)

Meridian Body Treatment

It was my first time trying this type of treatment so i have no benchmark to weigh against and went in without any expectations. It feels very different from the usual pampering treatments i had with PT and has a distinct "tough love" quality to it (heh heh) that may require some time to get used to it. Hadley is a friendly, skilful therapist who walked me through each step, sharing generously about her experience and tips. I left with somewhat sore muscles but more refreshed and a stronger appreciation for passionate bodyworkers like Hadley :)


Meridian Body treatment
Initially was unsure to try this treatment as I have tried the face but not whole body. Anyway I gave a try and never regretted. The process is not as soothing as normal massage but Hadley assured and explained throughout the session so you become more aware of your own body. In fact you felt painful at some points however after the 2 hour session, you will feel somewhat lighter and some of the knots being ironed out.
Hadley professionalism has made the session more endearing so you will feel more at ease and comforting.
Highly recommended for those who wants something different and dare to explore.