While social distancing measures and entertainment venue closures may mean spending more time at home, this presents us with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our family and friends, and above all, an opportunity for self-care. 

Apart from caring for your skin, your overall wellbeing has always been at the heart of our team’s ethos. During times when social interaction should be minimised, we would like to place an emphasis on the importance of mental wellbeing awareness and maintaining a positive mindset. 

Today our team will be sharing with you some of our favourite work from home break activities

Prepare a wholesome skin loving breakfast: load up on antioxidants and healthy fats to combat inflammation – a factor that contributes to ageing. Fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate are excellent choices to start your day.  My personal choices are normally wholesome granolas with almond milk or 2 soft boiled eggs with a slice of toasted wholemeal bread with espresso or a cup of tea (no sugar or milk for both).  If you love multitasking as much as we do, why not slap on a quick detox mask while preparing your breakfast. The detox mask will tighten up the skin and make your skin look fresher to face the day. 

Keep your personal space clutter free and relax with essential oils: create a customised mood by blending your favourite essential oils. We recommend using an earthly wooden base mixed with citrus essential oils in the morning to freshen the air and promote concentration and using floral essential oils in the evening to relax your senses. We also enjoy using oils to keep your hands moisturised and protected from frequent hand washing and for that lingering hint of freshness. Ticking off the box of my “to-do-list” helps to clear my mind and keep me focussed and satisfied at day end.

Bath/ Shower Rituals: turn your bathroom into a spa. Caring for your body is as important as caring for your face; in fact, neck and shoulder muscles are connected to facial muscles and long-term tension may contribute to accelerated ageing. Start off with dry brushing, from your legs, brush it in direction towards your heart. I enjoy this little add on process as much as the results I see on my skin. Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic drainage and aids in skin detox. I feel renewed after each intense dry brushing session with tingling feeling on my legs.  Followed by a warm or cold shower. Nourish your skin and unwind by adding bath salts or essential oils to your bath/shower  and always remember to use a soft body oil or cream after your bath. After shower, I normally apply a nourishing or brightening mask while the skin is still “open” from the shower in order to reap the maximum effects. 

Lastly, my secret home break activity! A 15 minutes power nap with a sheet mask on! This is by far, my favourite and it works to stave off those afternoon sluggish feeling. A perfect reset in the mddle of the day. We incorporate this into our facial routine to allow our client a 15 minute-nap so that she/he will wake up feeling rejuvenated. 

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