MV SKINTHERAPY Signature Mineral Mask

Why You'll Love It
A wonderful mineral drink from the outside in, this award-winning mask made from the world's most refined white clay will soothe and soften to transform your skin in the most gentle way possible. A game changer for reducing redness and evening out skin tone.

Created for
Lovers of a clear, soft and fresh complexion. An inspiring way to express self-care through ritual.

30g Mini Pack - A mini introductory size, will provide about 5 uses.
100g Tin - A keepsake tin containing 100g of mineral mask.
100g Refill - A 100g packet of mask, designed to refill into your Tin.
RITUAL - A Box Set for at-home ritual, a beautiful gift idea! Containing 100g Tin with Mineral Mask, Compress Cleansing Cloth, Handmade Ceramic Mixing Cup, Vegan Mask Brush, Mask Ritual, instruction card


Create a silky cream by combining our pure powdered mask with fresh spring water into the hand-crafted ceramic mixing cup.

Using feather soft brush strokes, glide this lush mask over the contours of your face.

Close your eyes - find inner stillness - and allow this mineral rich drink to soften and refine.

Finally, hold a soft and steamy compress cloth against your face to gently remove the mask and reveal a glow-y new you. *Do not allow this mask to dry completely. This will draw moisture from your skin, resulting in a tight, dry and irritated complexion!*

Our Ceramic Mixing Cup and Vegan Mask Brush are the perfect accessories, designed to complete the at-home ritual experience.
Maintenance programme: 1 x mask ritual weekly Intensive programme: 3 x mask ritual weekly

Watch our Mineral Mask Ritual


ALL MV products are gluten free, cruelty free, and 100% vegan.

Superfine sun dried white French clay (Kaolin)


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Even products that contain all natural ingredients, can cause skin reactions in susceptible individuals, especially if the products contain essential oils. Please do a patch test before use.

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Devi ayahu
Awesome Mask

Leaves your skin clean and refreshed with a glow. A good
buy given the price.