Using a mask at home often conjures images of that drying clay mask we first tried on as a teen or those lazy nights on the sofa with a sheet mask that left us with a glow right after. With so many new masks on the market (gel, sheet, clay, mud, cream, charcoal, eye masks, targeted masks, exfoliating masks, peel off masks) to name a few, how do we get the best out of all of them? The truth is, it is often unnecessary for everyone to use each and every type of masks on a regular basis. Instead, we can rotate masks or multi-mask to save time and to prevent skin irritation.

What is multi-masking? Multi-masking simply involves using multiple masks at once to target different skin concerns in different areas of the face. For example, a clay or mud mask can be used for the T-zone area to combat oiliness and acne and to balance the skin.

Speaking of clay masks, have you tried our new MV Skintherapy Signature Mineral Mask? 100% Vegan and organic, this clay mask works wonders for oily skin and is a perfect at home spa mask.

The undereye area is thinner and more sensitive to irritation which is why we do not recommend applying exfoliating or masks which are potentially drying or irritating to this sensitive area. Instead, use an eye mask or a plumping mask such as the Naya Hydration Mask to hydrate and plump the area, which would also temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Alternatively, apply a thicker than usual layer of eye cream or gel and cleanse off at the end of the masking session. 

The forehead area is often an area of concern for many of us. It may appear dryer than the T-zone and hence, fine lines may be more visible.

To combat dullness and fine lines, we love Evolve Organic’s Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask which contains antioxidant rich oils and naturally derived retonol to combat free radical damage and fine lines, and also gold to for the added sparkle. We often find our skin brighter and smoother after using this mask. We also love using this mask on the neck and chest and even on our hands!

For the more adventurous, we recommend cutting out sections of sheet masks, we love these by Inna Organic, for extra dry spots, such as around the mouth or the cheeks for dry skin types. You can also cut these to fit under the eye and use the rest on the neck, chest or on the hands.

If you are facing hormonal acne outbreaks or maskne on the jawline, we recommend using our favourite weapon against acne: Osea’s Red Algae Mask. This clarifying seaweed mask works so well, you can literally feel it working into your pores. Expect a light tingling sensation on skin while cleansing, decongesting and minimising the look of pores. You can also use this as a spot treatment while using another clay mask for the rest of the face.

Important point to note. While multi-masking may be a fun and convenient way for some pampering at home, it is important not to use more than once mask with active ingredients at a time. I.e. do not use a glycolic mask and a retinoid mask at the same time as ingredients can migrate across the face causing skin irritation.

We recommend washing masks off after 15-20 minutes, unless otherwise instructed, and to not overdo masking as it can dry or irritate the skin. Limit masking to a maximum of three times a week. Hydrating masks, can however, be used on a daily basis.

If you are still unsure of which masks may suit you, drop by for a skin analysis and for some mask recommendations.

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