From chronic pain to wrinkles and jowls, is our poor posture and obsession with digital gadgets really to blame? Hours spent glued to our phones and laptops may be a new cause of accelerated ageing, in particular, due to postural reasons. Many of us may also be unknowingly squinting at our screens; often notice a more “intense” or “serious” look when someone is looking at their screen? This may be caused by the person frowning or squinting. Prolonged constant frowning or squinting, both of which involves muscles, will lead to wrinkles caused by the muscles. 

Apart from inevitable natural causes of ageing, repeated actions such as the bending of the neck can cause wrinkling and lines on the neck, known as “tech neck”. Once prominent lines have formed, it is difficult to reduce their appearance, however, certain steps can be taken to minimize and reduce their formation in the first place—prevention is better than cure.

  1. Avoid slouching and looking down. 

Elevate your laptop such that it is at your eye level or adjust the height of your chair. Avoid looking down at your phone for an extended period of time, try to look straight at your phone rather than looking down. 

  1. Mobility is your best friend.

Stretching exercises and massages can also help reduce tension and muscle ache. But most importantly, avoid maintaining the same static position for hours on end!

  1. Treat your neck like your face.

We love talking about elaborate skincare routines and stocking up on our “holy grails” and posting pictures of our empties. Skincare should extend beyond the skin on our faces and include, at least, our necks and décolleté. Keeping our necks and chest hydrated and protecting them with antioxidants and sunscreens are important. Many have sun damage on the chest as a result of neglecting the area.  When applying your mask, extend the application all the way to the neck area too.  

  1. Ensure your facials include neck care. 

Our facials at Pure Tincture includes neck treatments as part of any facial package. If you are already showing signs of tech neck or jowls and would like to incorporate a spa grade treatment, our RF neck treatment add-on is perfect for you. 

  1. Use dedicated neck products.

There are now many products on the market formulated specifically for the neck, you may want to integrate some of these products in your skincare routine if you are showing signs of tech neck. Massage them in to release the tension in your neck area while promoting blood circulation. We love The Organic Pharmacy Neck & Chest Firming Lotion.

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