Products used:
Venn Cica Serum
Venn Hydrating Booster Compound K

Laser: Pico Fractional Mode for textural improvements.

Day 1

I have done more than 30 similar lasers and am used to the one week downtime and decided to try using Venn’s products to see if it could speed up the healing process and social downtime. My skin is usually not sensitised after lasers, just really dry, it soaks up products like a sponge. However, I do experience sensitivity occasionally after lasers and my skin tends to be extremely unbalanced after lasers. These products seemed to have helped with the recovery time and kept my skin balanced throughout the process.

I did not feel any stinging or tingling sensation when applying the Venn products. If you feel a stinging and pulsating sensation, it is probably best to cease using the product. 

I used the product before bed under a hydrating mask and after the hydrating mask as a last step. My skin felt really plumped and hydrated and soothed. I also left the products in the fridge to keep it cool for application on my post-laser skin.

Day 2
My skin felt really hydrated and looked really plumped when I woke up. At this stage, I would say my skin was recovering as expected. There was still a lot of redness and after washing my face, my skin felt really dry. I applied the two products and slathered on sunscreen before getting on with my day.

At night, when I washed off the sunscreen, I noticed my skin was healing faster than I had expected! In particular, the scabbing was healing much faster and my skin was glowing and plumped. The dryness was greatly reduced. I applied the two products under a mask and did not have to apply anymore after the mask.

Day 3 

Woke up in the morning to see great improvement on my skin. Not only has the scabbing reduced significantly, my skin was not dry at all and was extremely radiant! I continued to apply the products and my skin, at this stage, felt normal; as though I had not done any lasers.

Day 5

I would say my skin has healed faster than the usual 7-9 days of downtime I experience. But what I am truly happy about is the hydration and glow which I experienced when and after using these Venn products. Apart from that, a little goes a long way, I did not have to apply a few pumps as I would usually have had to with other hyaluronic acid serums after lasers. My skin looked extremely plumped and radiant even a week after using these serums, everyone complimented me.

Review by: ZC

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