Not all acids are as intimidating as they sound! Hyaluronic Acid is one of the latest buzz ingredients in skincare ingredients and is also used in many injectables. A naturally occurring substance in our body, just like collagen and elastin, levels of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid decreases with age. 

Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in wound healing processes, hydration, and plumpness of the skin. By topically applying hyaluronic acid, this can give the skin a hydrated, plumped, and smoother appearance. It is also an excellent hydrator for oily skin types as the light weight molecule attracts water and keeps the skin hydrated without causing oiliness. In fact, hyaluronic acid molecules can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! (think dewy, hydrated, and glowy skin). 

Without even knowing, you may probably already be using a product formulated with hyaluronic acid. Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate, and Sodium Hyaluronate are the three types of Hyaluronic 

  1. Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is hyaluronic acid that has been broken down into elements small enough to penetrate the skin,it is best for people who have oily or combination skin, since these skin types want to avoid over-moisturizing.

  2. Sodium hyaluronate goes deeper into the skin and delivers even better results, though the effects are not  very long lasting, Sodium hyaluronate is best for people who have normal skin, because it will allow moisture to seep in, but you do not really need a heavy-duty, long-lasting effect  This is the ingredient you will likely find in serums.

  3. Sodium acetylated hyaluronate has the benefits of sodium hyaluronate but with longer-lasting results. It is best for people who need moisture, such as those with dry skin, those who live in dry climates, or those looking for a product for the dry winter months.

Acid you may see on the ingredient list of your products. Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate are two of the more common forms that you are likely to find in a product preparation. 

Hyaluronic Acid vs Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid, as discussed, is a naturally occurring polysaccharide occurring in the human body. It acts as a lubricant for the joints, nerves, skin, and other organs. As a moisture binder, it draws moisture from its surroundings to cushion, plump, and maintain hydration for our body. 

Apart from giving the skin a smoother and plumper appearance, Hyaluronic Acid is also attributed to accelerate skin repair and strengthen barrier functions. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin types, this light weight hydrator can be used both day and night to maintain a fresh and dewy complexion.

Sodium Hyaluronate is the salt form of Hyaluronic Acid. It is more stable, less likely to oxidise and has a smaller molecular size, allowing for it to penetrate the skin better. In cosmetic preparations, sodium hyaluronate comes in solution form usually under 4% as too high a concentration of the salt can dry the skin. As a water magnet, both hyaluronic acids and sodium hyaluronate are excellent additions to any skincare routine and are regarded as safe ingredients when applied topically.  Being a water magnet, it is important that you seal off the HA Serum or essence with a moisturiser or oil especially in a drier  environment (air-conditioned or winter), just to make sure it has plenty of hydration to pull its moisture from. Else wise,  it will be attracting moisture from your skin instead resulting in an aggrieved skin for the more sensitive.  We recommend a max of 0.5% formula for sensitive skin and a up to 1% for un-compromised skin. 

Low molecular vs high molecular weight  HA 

Another point to know is if the product is using low, high or multi-molecular HA. 

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid consists of molecules of 1,500 kD and larger and cannot penetrate the skin barrier. However, it forms a film with the keratin of the skin on evaporation, which moisturises the skin and improves its elasticity. Unfortunately, this film is washed off relatively quickly, so that no real long-term effect occurs. Finally, this type has anti-inflammatory properties. So it is quite nurturing and soothing.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid makes it possible to enter the skin. It consists of molecules of 50 kD and smaller and ensures that water is stored in the connective tissue of the skin. The additional moisture not only makes the skin more firm and firmer, but also visibly reduces wrinkles. When using low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the moisture is stored in the skin sustainably. Therefore, it has more advantages and above all a more lasting effect.

Multi molecular weight hyaluronic acid makes it possible to achieve different effects on the skin. It is nurturing, soothing and at the same time reduces wrinkles and hydrates the skin longer. 

Pure Tincture’s Favourites

The Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200 is one of our absolute favourites. With a silky and lush texture that spreads easily over the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid works to plump and soothe the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving the skin a plumped appearance. It contains a whooping 200mg in the bottle. It has proven its worth by soothing many of our clients' skin and we like to recommend this frequently as we know it works so well. This product can also be found in our Evolve Glass Skin Set! It contains 0.75% of low molecular HA. 

Award winning Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum delivers intense moisture while protecting and rejuvenating the skin with antioxidants. It also contains seaweed to combat early signs of ageing and vitamins and minerals to further fortify the skin’s barrier, leaving you with smooth and radiant skin. Formulated with three organic seaweeds and multiple molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, this product works well with all skin types. This product can also be found in our Osea Glass Skin Set.

The Organic Pharmacy’s expert Hyaluronic Serum found in the Expert Serum Kit. It features a pharmaceutical formula that targets dehydration and can be layered under other expert serums from this set. Plump and hydrate skin with this triple molecular weight 0.2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum that smoothes fine lines while improving the skin’s natural protective barrier to lock in and retain moisture. This light, yet intense corrective formula is clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by 30%*, and boosting skin’s hydration by 22%**.  Suitable for all skin types and it has won the prestigious Pure Beauty Award London 2020. 

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