Gift-giving is quite an art. And let´s face it, we love the year end festivities but it can also be somewhat stressful finding that perfect gift to celebrate the people we care about. Giving presents is a powerful way to celebrate someone, and when chosen well, one can really feel understood. Presents say as much about the person receiving it as the one giving it. 

We love what we do at Pure Tincture because every single product we welcome into our range has been carefully researched and experienced, and they all enhance beauty from the inside out. We see everything we have as a gift we share with our clients. 

Knowing how stressful and pressed for time the end of the year can be, we have come up with a useful Gift Guide to help you celebrate the people who matter in your life.

You may well recognise your family or friends among these five personalities. We have just the right skincare routine to recommend for each of these types. And as we prepare to cross over from this year to the next, it's the perfect moment to reset our skin and give it a healthy cleanse and a rejuvenating boost to face the new year! 

  1. The Skin Care Minimalist

This person has a packed schedule and is an expert at multitasking. Neat, tidy and clean is how they like their agenda. They do like taking care of their skin but want to keep the process easy and efficient. Short, simple and sweet is what gets their attention. 

Perfect Gift: Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask. It is an anti-aging, brightening, clarifying all-in-one mask. A great way to save time for those who want things simple and no-fuss. It is certified COSMOS organic, made of natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types. This organic face mask uses Bio-Retinol, a natural plant extract that helps with rejuvenation and cellular renewal. And while you´re at it, why not enjoy the lingering smell of the sweet Acai Berry after the routine? 

  1. The Ethical or Green Beauty Warrior 

For them, beauty runs more than skin deep. They want to look good and feel good, but not at the cost of unethical animal testing, or having chemicals seep into their skin, or using products that come from a dubious source. You are what you eat, and also what you apply on your body. These earth-friendly beauty warriors are not to be fooled. They do their research and know their stuff. You´ll want to get them a skincare routine that adheres to their values. 

Perfect Gift: Go for the Odacite Green Smoothie Mask. It´s a mega green boost with 16 greens, superfoods, botanical extracts and clinical actives. That is definitely going to impress your Green Beauty Warrior! For skin that is feeling dry and tired, this skincare routine helps to quench and revitalize the skin. The intense hydration gives a feeling of vitality, a silky smooth finish and a delicious, fresh and soothing scent of cucumber.

  1. New Mums

New mums may be glowing with love internally at finally holding a precious new life in their arms, while externally they are having a hard time taking care of themselves. Babies are demanding with time and attention, and when people are tired, their skin and faces really show. New mums need a rejuvenating boost for their skin, something to feel fresh and energetic. A skincare routine is a gentle way to bring them back to center, to a little oasis of peace for themselves.

Perfect Gift: Celebrate your New Mums with the gorgeous OSEA Undaria Body Bestsellers Gift Box or OSEA Best of Body Starter Set.  Running after little feet can be tiring, and this seaweed-packed Undaria Algae Body Oil and Undaria Algae Body Butter instantly soften dry and distressed skin and get it hydrated and glowing. It leaves mummy´s skin feeling youthful, fresh and supple…just like baby's fresh skin! For expecting mums, this can help to stave off potential stretch marks. New Mums can use this to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or dark dry skin. 

  1. The Korean Babe In Her 

You probably know people who look like they just stepped off the latest Korean series. Korean Babes have glass-like, porcelain skin that is delicate and requires proper care. They love spending a good amount of time taking care of their skin, and it's a very special, sacred self-care routine for them. They love every single step of a skincare routine, and they delight in putting in the time and effort. 

Perfect Gift

  1. a) The VENN Compound K Routine. This is our new member to our range. This includes four VENN best-selling products: 
  • Moisture-Balance All-In-One Face Cleanser 150ml 
  • Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate 50ml 
  • Age-Response Compound K Hyaluronic Booster 30ml 
  • Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Mask 50ml

Korean Babes will love the powerful results from this set with VENN’s water-solubised Ginsenoside Compound K. It is supercharged with clean, clinically proven actives. You can see and feel your complexion improve, and enjoy feeling rejuvenated, youthful…and simply glow! 

  1. b) VENN the Supercharger Collection. The Supercharger Collection contains six of VENN´s most powerful products: 
  • Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate 20ml
  • Probiotics Cica Complex Biome Booster 30ml
  • Age-Response Compound K Hyaluronic Booster 30ml
  • Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum 30ml
  • Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Mask 50ml
  • Synbiotic Defense Mist 50ml

Together, they help repair and strengthen the skin barrier and target visible signs of aging on the face. Korean Babes will love how their skin looks and feels - revitalized and radiant! Get ready to dazzle! 

  1. The Jetsetter 

Whether they are traveling for work or pleasure, they spend more time in the air than on the ground! For people who travel so often, they don't want to drag along a whole arsenal of skincare products, and they are not likely to have the time to devote themselves to resetting their skin on their busy itinerary. 

Perfect Gift: Jetsetters will love this one pot wonder! The MV Jojoba Oil or MV MultiBalm is good as a cleanser, eye serum, face moisturizer, and works for cuticles and hair too. It´s a multi-use salve with a plant-powered active that brings about a therapeutic action. It's a wonderfully delicious little pot to have conveniently in your bag as you travel. It is also lovingly handcrafted in small batches, which makes it an extra special gift. With anti-inflammatory omegas, antioxidants and healing phytonutrients, it's skin therapy in a pot! Never leave home without it. It´s multi-functional and can be used to target intensive repair if you find yourself in a skin crisis. 

So here you have it, a series of well thought out gifts to suit different personalities and lifestyles! Perhaps you yourself identify too with one of these types! Why not celebrate yourself as well with one of these skin resetting routines? The best gift you can give yourself is time to look after and appreciate you. With our beautiful skincare routines, you no longer have to put on ‘a brave face’, and can just let your real self soften into being. You are a gift to the world when you are kind to yourself. 

We'd love to hear how these gifts are received when you celebrate these special people in your life! Happy gift giving! 

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