Let’s face it — we are all a little “kay po”! 

Have you ever wondered what your best girl friends keep in their bags to keep them going? We definitely have. That’s why we asked Helen, our founder, to spill the goods (literally), and show us her everyday beauty and hair care must-haves as she is out and about during a long day—running a business, taking care of her children and family and maintaining a social life! 

Although, Helen changes up her home skincare routine once every 2-3 months as she has to review many different skincare brands to assess its suitability and claims, there are a number of key items she just doesn’t leave home without—prepared for whatever crisis or situation that may come her way.

Good to know: 

Helen Skin Bio: Combination with inclination towards dryness, with some uneven skin tone on her cheeks /chin and skin slack. 


What’s In My Bag?

Below, Helen shares with us her portable skincare favourites and secret to her porcelain texture and naturally radiant skin, whilst on the go!  

Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum

A triple-action serum formulated for the vertical lines of the lip area to visibly plump the look of the lips. Powered by clinical actives, Vitamin C and CoQ10.

Helen: Love it for its cool minty feel and how it makes my lips look plumper. I haven’t been using lipstick for 2 years and it has slowly creeped into a habit. This lip roller makes me looks like I have a lip gloss on in place of a lipstick. I used it at least 2-3 times a day. 

Santaverde Hand Cream

The quickly absorbing hand cream pampers the skin with intensive care and protects it from drying out. Pure aloe vera juice moisturises and, combined with sea-buckthorn extract, regenerates. Almond oil, shea and cocoa butter have a nourishing and protective effect. Gives stressed hands a smooth and soft skin feeling.

Helen: A handy sized hand cream. I ALWAYS have a hand cream in my bag thanks to my dry-hands DNA. I didn’t like how it looks and feel. This cream helps to fill in the lines for softer looking and comfortable hands. It absorbs very rapidly leaving no oily stains. 


Helen: I got this small handle wooden comb from Japan. Love it for its sandalwood scent and its good size. I have sensitive scalp and edge of this comb doesn’t cut my scalp. It gives it a nice massage feel. 

Face Moisturiser in Stick or Roller

Helen: I got this L’odaites Nourishing Balm stick in my bag. Often use it before a dinner to fill in the dry lines under my eyes and edges of my mouth. Some may think its not very hygienic to apply on half day thru but I think its better unhygenic than turning up for dinner w a flaky face. Lol

Hand Sanitising Gel

Helen: A must. 

Small perfume

Helen: A small perfume stick. Who doesn’t want to smell great at any point of the day?

Helen: I always have concealer in my bag! I use it as a touch up or as foundation before making my way to dinner, after a long day. It is really important to me as I wouldn’t want to look blotchy and tired, even if I really am feeling that way. 

Your handbag is your home-away-from-home survival kit, packed with all the essentials. It is comforting to know you have all you need close by! 

Keeping in mind, however, that portable convenience doesn’t have to mean single-use or random samples you collect from around. 

We can always take a step further to ask, just how sustainable are the products in your essentials bag? 

Hoping to adopt a clean beauty routine, even on the go? We are here to help you make the switch!

We use natural skincare products that are safe and meet high-quality standards in regard to sustainability and purity in the beauty industry. We look out for brands that incorporate the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients with no questionable ingredients and carcinogenic formulations in their products.

Just bring in some of your conventional must-haves and our trained therapists will work with you one-on-one to find the perfect clean alternatives, suited to your skin—in both full and travel sizes!

We charge a booking fee of SGD15 which will be fully redeemable for product purchase.

By appointment only.

Book your appointment here and we will get back to you shortly.

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