Waking up in the morning as we scrutinise ourselves, or more precisely, our skin in our new state of the art beauty mirror that features an all rounded lighting system and sophisticated digital zoom system, all seems to be improving but the most stubborn of them all – blackheads! Why are they back so soon? Afterall, the
thorough extraction from last week’s organic facial did a good job at removing them!

Blackheads may be particularly noticeable as they take on a deep brown or black
appearance and can cause pores to appear enlarged. Although not harmful per se, they may cause inflamed pimples which could eventually result in acne scaring. Blackheads form when an open skin follicle becomes clogged with oil and when the oil oxidises, resulting in the black appearance of the comedone. People who are prone blackheads usually have oilier skin types and may be more prone to outbreaks. Hence, tackling the underlying issue – oil overproduction, and reducing acne causing bacteria, would help in managing blackheads.

Since blackheads are caused by an excess in oil production, using products
containing acids and retinoids (not together!) in between facials, can help to alleviate the issue and reduce the formation of blackheads. Incorporating an acid toner into your routine is a great way to reduce oil production and gently exfoliate, preventing a buildup of oil and dead skin cells which causes blackheads. The Evolve Organic Beauty Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner contains natural AHAs and BHAs to effectively exfoliate while killing acne causing bacteria and controlling oil production. 

Scientifically proven to combat acne by promoting an increase in cell turnover, is the well-established ingredient vitamin A, retinol! Integrating a retinol serum under your night cream is convenient as you can rotate serums on different nights. Begin by using retinoids twice a week before slowly working up to more frequent usage. If you prefer a oil, our team reccomends the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil

When using actives such as acids and retinoids, always remember to use a SPF in the day.

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