Shea Terra South African Lavender Maillette Essential Oil (Certified Organic)


100% Pure, Steam Distilled. Certified Organic. If you are on the bench with lavender, South African Lavender Maillette will win you over. This precious, rare oil is the cream of lavender. Tammie selected this oil for its well balanced, slightly sweet aroma. This soft, floral lavender oil is single origin, grown on an organic farm in the Cape of South Africa. South Africa lends its Fynbos aroma to its plant oils. Single Origin. 10ml

When Tammie took her first whiff of South African Lavender Maillette she fell deeply in love. The problem is that the farm had sold all of their oil for the year and there was none to be had. She pleaded and begged and the kind producer managed to buy back enough to make her happy. In high demand and short supply, this luscious lavender oil is a must have for all lavender lovers and aromatherapy enthusiasts.

South African Lavender Maillette Essential Oil is a beautiful lavender with a well rounded aroma. It is lightly sweet without the camphor tone of most lavenders. Grown in the Cape of South Africa on a certified organic farm in the Cape of South Africa, the oil has a light touch of Fynbos. Combine with our Shea Nilotik' Oil to make a massage oil. 

ingredients:  100% pure, steam distilled, Certified Organic Lavender essential oil


Add few drops to hot bath to relax and destress
Add a drop to pillow to sleep better at night
Add to Shea Terra Organics' Shea Nilotik' Oil to make a stress relieving massage oil
Add to room diffuser to fragrance room


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