Shea Terra Rose Hips-E Lip Savior


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  • 100% Natural.
    Take your lip treatment to the highest level. A balm might be a good cover-up, but a LIP SAVIOR saves them. One of the first parts of the body to become dehydrated are the lips. What ensues are painful cracks, unsightly, peeling skin, and unattractive, wrinkled lips. But never fear. Your LIP SAVIOR is here. Packed with a synergy of healing ingredients, our LIP SAVIORS help nourish lips into health. Lips can be fuller, more supple and more beautiful with only a few uses.

    1 oz

  • This is a very large jar and should last you for many months, unless you are as addicted to it as we are. Using a clean finger, q-tip or applicator, apply a generous layer onto lips. Be sure to apply to the area where the upper and lower lips meet. This is the place that most commonly suffers from cracks. If you don't want glowing lips simply use less and massage well into skin. Use LIP SAVIOR as often throughout the day as you would like. Be sure to apply at night before bed. Breathing through the mouth causes dehydration and cracking of lips.

  • Nilotik' shea butter, certified organic rose hips oil, Ugandan beeswax (from beekeeping project), cold pressed chamomile oil, cold pressed calendula oil, natural vitamin E, natural rose flavor, seabuckthorn oil, stevia

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