Shea Terra Madagascar Bourbon Geranium Essential-Oil (Certified Organic)


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100% Pure, Steam Distilled. Discover the most amazing geranium in the world. Geranium fans and non-fans alike will enjoy this incredible Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil. More intense and well rounded than rose geranium, Bourbon Geranium is the choice for personal blends and perfumery. Use a drop in skin cream to balance skin. 

Madagascar produces some of the world's best essential oils, and this Bourbon Geranium is no exception. This is the most fragrant, intense geranium we've ever experience. All others pale in comparison. Our organic grown Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil is produced by a group that has set up conservation projects all across the island country. We have been purchasing premium ingredients from this group for nearly 15 years, and they have never disappointed. Pure Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil can be used in a personal aromatherapy blend as well as added to your face cream or facial oil

ingredients:  100% pure, steam distilled, Certified Organic Malagasy Bourbon Geranium essential oil


Add few drops to Shea Nilotik' Oil to use for relaxing massage oil
Add to room diffuser to scent air with relaxing aroma
Add few drops to hot bath for relaxing bath
Add a drop or two to face cream or facial oil to balance skin

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