PAI Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic

PAI Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic

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Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry, Mature

Pai Lotus and Orange Blossom BioAffinity Toner is unique in containing pure 'living water' extracted directly from the lotus root.

Hydrates & protects dry or sensitive skin.
Helps to calm visible redness.
Vitamin, mineral and amino-acid rich formula.
Perfectly pH balanced.
100% Alcohol-free.

Rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals, with regular use it helps to soothe and hydrate the appearance of irritated or imbalanced skin.

This natural elixir has the exact pH and biochemical balance of healthy skin, giving unparalleled skin affinity while improving the appearance of skin tone and texture.

All Pai toners are strictly alcohol-free (alcohol denat). Alcohol, even natural grain varieties, can sensitise reactive skin and strip its natural protective oils. These drying 'ethyl' alcohols are particularly unsuitable for Rosacea sufferers.

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