OSEA Acne-Prone & Combo Skin Starter Set

OSEA Acne-Prone & Combo Skin Starter Set

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SKIN TYPES: Oily, Acneic.
A comprehensive, daily skin care regimen for oily, acneic skin. Purifies and refreshes, heals breakouts, and balances oil production. Great way to try multiple products and see results. Supply lasts approximately 4 weeks.

Set Includes: Ocean Cleansing Mudd (1 fl oz), Sea Minerals (1 fl oz), Essential Corrective Complex (1/8 fl oz), Atmosphere Protection Cream (1/4 fl oz)

How it works: Ocean Cleansing Mudd regulates excess oil production and promotes healthy pH of the skin. Sea Minerals restores moisture and mineral balance and reduces redness. Atmosphere Protection Cream contains Vitamins A & E to strengthen collagen and elastic fibers.  The naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties of the Essential Corrective Complex effectively treat blemishes, cold sores, insect bites and ingrown hairs.

Use Daily. Gently cleanse face with Ocean Cleansing Mudd, followed by a refreshing spritz of Sea Minerals. Moisturize with Atmosphere Protection Cream, and use Essential Corrective Complex as spot treatment.

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