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Destination Spa Facial

Pure Tincture Destination Spa Facials are carefully curated to ensure that all the products, massage techniques and extractions are suitable for the skin condition, skin’s history and emotional wellness. Escape from the city life and experience a multi-sensory facial experience through our specially curated destination inspired facials. Designed to each address specific skin concerns while incorporating travel inspired elements to providing a soothing and relaxing escape. These unique facials are truly an experience in itself!

Also aimed at raising awareness of the importance of conserving the beauty and wonders of nature and in line with our brand ethos, these facials incorporate the sounds and scents of our planet earth and only organic and cruelty-free skin care products are used.

AURORA DREAM ESCAPE (BRIGHTENING): Suitable for dull, distressed and sensitive skin. An arctic inspired facial that focusses on soothing and purifying sensitive and skin stressed by pollution while regaining a natural glow. Home to some of the most resilient flora and fauna that thrives throughout the arctic’s pristine waters and tundra, the arctic is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of urban living. Restore your skin’s natural radiance and resilience through carefully curated products and a series of massages and expect to step out from the room glowing from head to toe.

Organic Thermal Clay Detox: Harness the power of organic mineral clay and combat acne and blemishes while calming inflammation. Medical thermal baths have a strong cultural and historical significance across the world and played an important role in the development of modern civilisations. In this facial, we combine traditional wisdom and technology to comfortably target acne causing bacteria while improving the overall appearance of the skin. The facial decongests the skin while simultaneously working to balance the skin’s flora to heal the skin over time. this prevents dehydrated and irritated skin which often results from harsh acne treatments. A targeted and relaxing retreat, this facial is a great for anyone with congested or blemished skin.

DEEP SEA HYDRATION FACIAL: Designed to soothe, nourish, and hydrate, the Deep-Sea Hydration Facial will cocoon your skin with a flood of intense hydration that instantly plumps the skin and relaxes your senses. One of the most precious and least explored places on earth, our ocean harbours countless untold secrets. Evoking the refreshing scent of the ocean breeze while enveloping the skin with layer after layer of hydration, a relaxing tension relieving massage technique that imitates the motion of waves encourages product absorption and boosts blood circulation. This is the ultimate refreshing facial and is suitable for all skin types. Expect a glowing and plumped complexion and a refreshed mind.

Terms & Conditions


Valid for all new and existing Pure Tincture customers.


The facial treatment session cannot be exchanged for cash and are not valid for use with other current promotions or discounted items unless otherwise stated. Additional add-on facial treatment services may incur extra charges. 
Cream Points will not be awarded for purchase of this facial treatment and are not valid for use with this facial treatment.


Reservation required for services.
Booking subject to availability.
Valid on weekdays, 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Valid only at Pure Tincture @ The Adelphi and Pure Tincture @ Tras Street.
Call or Whatsapp us at (+65) 9857 7859 (Adelphi) or (+65) 9105 2345 (Tras).

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