Our team of experts will put you at ease with their skilful hands and good honest advice. We strive to provide you services that we wish to receive it for ourselves.

Our salon treatments are ideal for lovers of niche organic brands and those that would like to avoid the large spa environment.

They are suitable for common skin issues and problems, including signs of aging, dehydrated skin, oily skin and clogged skin.

Our speciality lies in maintaining sensitive skin including Rosacea, Dermatitis, Chronic Acne and Eczema. Facials can be tailored to avoid specific ingredients by request. All facials can be customised to meet a particular ethos or any needs you may have and are ideal for first timers.

All our facials are performed:

- with specialised facial massages techniques such as marma points massage, accupressure points massage, swedish massage, lymphatic points treatments or hybrid of techniques depending on skin type.

- with extractions for all 90 minutes and above facials, unless advised otherwise or if skin is not suitable upon assessement.


Our Awards



Pure Tincture Signature Treatments (120 mins)

Prices: $340 / $238 (P : Package)


Ultra Glow Signature (Dull or Pigmented skin) 

Ultra Sensitive Signature (Ultra Sensitive Prone Red Inflammation)

Ultra Clarity Signature (Oily, Clogged, Acne/Pimples)

Ultra Hydrate Signature (Dehydrated skin/ Perpetually Dry Skin)

A specially designed facial using the best of our organic products and techniques for each skin concern and facial objectives. This facial includes, double cleanse, special skin peel or ampule, extraction, choice of cryotherapy or eyes treatment, face massage, 2 special customised mask and LED light immersion.



Esse Signature Anti-Aging Facial – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Esse Sensitive Facial – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Esse Correcting Facial – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)



ILA Marine Flora Face Therapy "The Detox Facial" Facial – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Purifying. Hydrating. Nourishing. This stimulating facial unites nutrient-dense marine elements and nerve point therapy to remove waste build up and encourage rapid repair of damaged or dehydrated skin. Sea lettuce detoxifies and boosts the lymphatic system. Bio-plasma serum and sea lavender mask encourage collagen production. Skin is purified; vitality and tone improved; and tension eased from micro muscles.

ILA "The Blissful Facial" – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Illuminating. Calming. Profound. This divine therapy restores natural luminance by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the free-flow of energy to facial cells. Specialised techniques combine with powerful damascena rose otto and sandalwood oils to reduce inflammation, address hormonal imbalance and open the energy centres of the face: skin glows with radiance and a sense of peace pervades the body

ILA "The Anti-Aging Facial" – 90 mins | $200/ $140 (P)

Detoxifying. Regenerative. Anti-inflammatory. This restorative facial draws on intensely healing rainforest extracts to rejuvenate facial skin. Warm herbs, lymphatic drainage techniques and an Amazonian mud mask encourage toxin release and reduce water retention, increase blood supply and boost collagen production at a cellular level. Skin tone is brightened and muscle contraction is inhibited, softening fine lines and wrinkle



Andalusian Secret – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Revitalising, pampering moistursing treatment including massage with a fresh aloe vera leaf.

Xingu - The Power of the Rainforest – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Exclusive regeneration treatment ofr inner and outer beauty thanks to the care concept of the premium range xingu high antioxidant prevention. The abundance of active ingredients in the Brazilian rainforest offers a very high antioxidant protection. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives your skin new strength and elasticity.

Aloe Vera De-stress - with a calming massage and pure Blossom Nectar 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Calming and relaxing treatment for sensitive and allergic skin. 

Men's Facial 75 mins | $180 / $126 (P)

Detox, refreshing and relaxing treatment for men's skin.



sukispa Firming Cosmeceutical Facial – 120 mins | $250 / $175 (P)

A totally lifted experience combining suki anti-aging cosmeceutical facial and the RF (Radio Frequency) to deliver dramatic skin tightening and contouring effects. Impressive results can be achieved for an instant and long term results. Even after the session, skin continues to enjoy regenerative benefits with accelerated collagen production, resulting in a lifted and more contoured profile over time. Includes RF20 minutes.

sukispa Antioxidant Cosmeceutical Facial – 90 mins | $180 / $126 (P)

An super antioxidant facial to restore firmness, increase elasticity & reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with suki® clinically-proven natural skincare solutions at professional grade potencies. nourish, tone, & moisturize dull skin with signs of oxidation for a renewed radiance. You can feel at ease with our powerfully active, synthetic-free products formulated so that even the most sensitive skins can benefit.

sukispa Hydrating Cosmeceutical Facial – 90 mins | $180 / $126 (P)

An hydrating and calming facial to nourish, tone and moisturise dull skin with signs of oxidation for a renewed radiance. Skin is visibily brighten without irritations with suki's complexion brightening complex™ and ultra-protect moisturizing complex™ to deeply penetrates skin with hydrating, nourishing antioxidants & nutrients. Especially suited for dehydrated skin that show sign of free-radical oxidation, premature aging, fine lines & wrinkles, evens skin tone & complexion variations – hyperpigmentation, spots, redness & vein show thru.

sukispa Balancing Cosmeceutical Facial – 60 mins | $130 / $91 (P) Deep Pore - 90 mins | $180 -$200 / $126 - $140 (P)

A gentle yet effective facial to decongest clogged pores, kill bacteria & control oil production leaving the skin soothed, calmed & purified without stripping the skin’s essential moisture. suki® products at professional grade potencies beef up the skin’s immune response to fight future breakouts. Skin feels calm, smooth and clean and softly radiant. For combination skin/ acneic skin

sukispa Soothing Cosmeceutical Facial – 75 mins | $160 /$112 (P)

A soothing facial to transform a rough inflamed & irritated complexion. Exfoliate dead skin, nourish, calm & soothe the skin leaving your complexion calm, radiant, & hydrated with synthetic-free formulations. you can feel at ease with our powerfully active, synthetic-free products formulated so that even the most sensitive skins can benefit. For eczema / dematitis / any conditions of inflammation

sukispa Rosacea Balancing Cosmeceutical Facial – 75 mins | $160 / $112 (P)

A gentle facial to soothe, brighten, decongesting clogged pores & control oil production for sensitive skin with our facial designed specifically for those with rosacea. suki® uses professional grade potencies to restore balance & tone to inflamed, dull & hyperpigmented skin for a renewed radiance. you can feel at ease with our powerfully active, synthetic-free products formulated so that even the most sensitive skins can benefit. For rosacea with oily tendencies

sukispa Rosacea Nourishing Cosmeceutical Facial – 75 mins | $160 / $112 (P)

A gentle facial to soothe, brighten & deeply hydrate sensitive skin with our facial designed specifically for those with rosacea. suki® uses professional grade potencies to moisturize & brighten inflamed, dull & hyperpigmented skin for a renewed radiance. you can feel at ease with our powerfully active, synthetic-free products formulated so that even the most sensitive skins can benefit. For rosacea with dry tendencies



OSEA Sea of Life Antioxidant Facial – 120 mins | $250 / $175 (P)

Infuse your skin with anti-aging actives, organic marine extracts and nutrients for intense hydration and to help reduce pigmentation. This marine based facial combines cranial beauty holds with a skin-specific deep cleansing, steam, and treatment mask to give you a healthy natural glow. Includes Face RF to deliver dramatic skin tightening and contouring effects. 

OSEA Antioxidant Facial – 90 mins | $200 / $140 (P)

Infuse your skin with anti-aging actives formulated with antioxidants, organic marine extracts, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. This facial will help oxygenate your skin, improve cellular function, visibly brighten your skin tone and help reduce pigmentation. Anti-aging for all ages!

OSEA Super Sensitive Facial – 90 mins | $180 / $126 (P)

The ultimate skin-soothing facial! By calming inflammation, replenishing lost nutrients, and boosting the skin’s natural ability to protect itself against environmental damage, this facial is an especially effective treatment for rosacea, sensitive or severely dehydrated skin. Extraction optional depending on skin.

OSEA Dynamic Pore Clearing Facial– 90 mins | $180-$200 / $126-$140 (P)

Pure, marine-based ingredients specifically blended to cleanse and clear your skin will gently remove impurities and restore lost nutrients. With nutrients drawn from sea minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, this facial helps restore the pH balance of your skin. Extractions are included.



Pai Skincare is certified by the Soil Association ensuring that organic content is a minimum of 70% within each product. Pai products are formulated with sensitive and allergy-prone skin in mind. They contain a host of natural anti-inflammatories and skin-healing ingredients that work to calm and strengthen skin and help it to recover its natural balance.

The Pai Organic Facial is ideal for those suffering from hyper-sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis, congested skin or acne.

PAI Skin Confidence Detox & Decongest Facial – 90 mins| $180 / $126 (P)

Himanthalia Sea Algae, Sea Fennel, and Rice Plant gently purify and rebalance oily and congested skin while maintaining an important moisture and mineral balance. Skillfully combined with therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage, these high performance organic ingredients improve skin clarity and tone to reveal a clear and radiant complexion.

Core Organic Skincare Ingredients:

Himanthalia Sea Algae - is very mineral-rich and has a strong sebum balancing complex.

Hypoallergenic Ghassoul clay - draws out impurities and blackheads while depositing essential nutrients.

Rice water - contains vitamins and amino acids which rebalance moisture levels and enhance skin tone.

Sea Fennel and Rosehip - calm, heal and protect sensitive skin.

PAI Skin Confidence Restore & Rejuvenate Facial – 90 mins | $180 / $126 (P)

Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 in Lotus, Perilla and Echium revitalise lacklustre skin, calm irritation and promote important tissue healing.Stimulating assage techniques around the cheekbones and jaw-line give an enhanced lifting effect to reveal a firm and luminous complexion.

Core Organic Skincare Ingredients:

Lotus water - hydrates and calms sensitive, reactive skin

Echium - the anti-ageing "wonder ingredient", intensively conditions the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines.

Perilla oil - delivers a highly concentrated source of Alpha-Linolenic Acid which enhances skin elasticity. This oil is also highly effective at eliminating facial redness.

Creamy Cupuacu butter - promotes deep and long lasting conditioning and hydration



LED Light Therapy 20 mins $60 / $42 (P)

Non-invasive infra-Red rejuvenates and heals the skin. Infra-Red increases cell energy and promotes collagen production to counter ageing effects. Our unique LED Light therapy is available in 7 other different colors to produce these effects, namely, soothing, anti-bacterial, glow, anti-redness, cleansing, collagen promoting, reduce hyper-pigments. 


Manual Lymph Drainage MLD (Face & Neck) (20 mins) $60 / $42 (P)

MLD is a specialised technique that uses gentle repetitive pumping movement to stimulate fluid movement in the tissues by increasing the function of the lymph vessel system. It cleanses the tissue and initializes a strengthened immune response. Recommended for people with highly sensitive skin (extreme ezcema, rosacea, water retention, post facial surgeries or facelift, insommia or leading a highly stressed lifestyle. This treatment can be added on to any of our facials. It will be performed at the end of the treatment, please allow extra 30 minutes to be with us.*Special appointment required for MLD.

Therapist is a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Esthetician with the internationally recognised Dr Vodder School.


Firming Cold Treatment for Sensitive Skin – Add-On 15 mins | $60 / $42 (P)

An firming / regenerating treatment for the sensitive skin. 


Facial Massage Therapy – 30 mins | $60 / $42 (P)

A short treatment with focus on facial and scalp massage to invigorate the skin and senses. You can expect a cleanse (to remove grime & makeup), peel and full 20 minutes of skin stimulation massage that relaxes the senses. Leave the worries of the world behind as you leave yourself in our good hands. Skin will look dewy, soft with a refreshed glow.


Express Facial – 60 mins | $130 / $91 (P)

A shorter treatment with focus on extraction to deeply cleanse the skin. You can expect double cleanse, extraction or massage and a calming deep cleanse mask. Skin will be deeply cleanse, smoother and detoxed. 


Express Firming with RF Facial – 60 mins | $160

A shorter treatment with focus on radio frequency (RF) to give a boost of intense energy into the skin for skin rejuvenation and uplifting. RF delivers dramatic face tightening and contouring effects.  An express version of our popular full RF facial. You can expect double cleanse, exfoliation, full face RF therapy to stimulate collagen follow by a rejuvenation mask to inject vitality to skin surface. Skin will look energised and uplifted. 


Firming Eyes Therapy – additional 20 mins | $60 / $42 (P)

This nourishing eyes treatment help to release tension in the orbital area, hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce puffiness. The eyes treatment is an add-on that you can include at the end of a facial or during the mask. Include RF, eye serum and hydrating eye mask


Firming Neck Therapy – 15 mins | $60 / $42 (P)

Perfect all necks, especially those concerned with the first signs of ageing around the neck. The Neck Lifting Treatment helps to hydrate and minimize line around the neck, an area often neglected. Include RF, neck serum and hydrating neck mask.


Professional Acid Peel - $25


Professional Mask Add-on - $25