Review on Shea Terra Camel's Milk Wash, Lait Creme, suki even-tone serum and Odacite Pf+O

For the longest time, I have been wanting to test the glow efficacy on using all the different brands of brightening products in my daily beauty regime. I have combination normal skin with signs of aging such as brown spots, dullness and sagging skin issues and totally obsessed with glowing skin. 

The 4 products put to the test are Shea Terra Argan Zafron Camel's Milk Wash, suki even-tone serum, Odacite Pf+O serum concentrate and Shea Terra Argan Zafron Camel's Milk Lait Creme.

For 2 weeks, I diligently used the cleanser and suki even-toned serum day and night. Odacite Pf+O night and Camel's Lait Creme day. 

Shea Terra Argan Zafron Camel's Milk Cleanser is a gentle daily cleanser using virgin argan, camel's milk and zafron (saffron) to wash the debris away. This gel-like texture wash has a neutral scent (if you are a big fan of nice scent, this cleanser is not for you, it smells neutral) and foams lightly in contact with water. The after feel is clean yet not stripped off. There isn't any oily layer felt on the skin after each wash yet I feel like there is a layer left on the skin. Not a greasy sort though. It is a layer that makes the skin looks softly glowing. This product stings the eyes if it gets in. I wouldn't recommend using this around the eyes area.  

I am a great fan of lactic acid and like to think how the rich lactic acid found in the camel's milk help to brighten the skin with continued use. 

Verdict: A great daily wash for all skin types (even sensitive) looking to brighten up their skin. 

suki even-tone serum is a gel-like serum that gets absorbed instantly into the skin. I like the scent and find myself looking forward to using it every am and pm. The product promises to create overall appearance of radiance & reduces dullness. I would not say that this will produce immediate results but I believe that it helps to forfeit the skin and build up the skin resistance against dullness. It works continuously to fight off free radical daily. You will need this ammunition to combat dullness. suki uses SSS vitamin C™ that is safe even on very sensitive skin, so for the sensitive out there, you can use this product too. Its my daily vitamin c for my skin, no instant results but i know that it helps to combat against aging. suki products are all good, I know it cos we have sell their products for years and see how it helps our clients' skin. 

Verdict: A light weight natural serum that you can use it in good confidence that it supplements the skin with even-tone ingredients to promote overall radiance in a long run. 

Odacite Passionfruit and Orange Serum Concentrate uses 2 ingredients to revitalize dull skin. It is well proven that Vitamin A and C are our skin anti-ager powerhouse ingredients. The high Vitamin A-C & mineral content of Passion Fruit helps boost skin luminescence, instantly providing the skin with vitality & freshness while orange oil firm & tone the skin. I love this oil! It is light weight (despite being an oil), smells wonderful and it definitely helps to make the skin looks better and brighten. I used it directly immediately after the suki even-tone serum and the skin will glow even more with no greasy feel.

Verdict: A must-have serum concentrate that tackle skin dullness. If you have skin prone to dryness and you are looking at just one serum to get, this is a great one for you.

Shea Terra Argan Zafron Camel's Milk Lait Creme like its wash, uses 3 ancient beauty secret ingredients: Argan, Zafron and Camel's Milk to brighten up the skin. Its key brightening ingredient will be the camel's milk as it provides skin with a powerful boost of lactic acid to brighten skin as it breaks down dull skin. Its looks creamy yet the texture is surprising light. Its gets absorbed well into the skin saturating the epidermis with its goodness. I can apply my sunblock immediately after it. It keep my skin feeling moisturised and soft throughout the days. It does not help to fade my melasma patch but it helps with overall brightening effect. It has a soft milky almond scent. 

Verdict: Helps with moisturising the skin with overall brightening effect. For targeted brown spots management, you will need this instead. 

Overall verdict:  

I would be happy to continue on this beauty regime as it is simple and my skin feels and look good. My skin glow level has increased a notch.  A friend whom I have not seen for a while asked how I maintain my skin looking clear and even.

I am strong believer of using natural organic products for daily care and that as long as you clean well, forfeit well with good serums and moisturise your skin daily, you are on your well to good skin health. Do not forget to exfoliate once a week and apply sunblock daily.  

Keep in tune!



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