Exclusive Interview With Owner

Exclusive Interview With Owner

Interview with owner

What is Puretincture’s approach to skincare?

The use of organic and natural skincare as much and as often as possible to maintain the skin integrity and strength so that it will look its best at any age. Caring for your skin is not just about creams, serums and  facials, it is also about self care, eating well, feeding our mind with knowledge and positive thoughts, exercising and keeping our stress levelled. At Pure Tincture, we offer sound skincare advice to our clients and a space and time for them to exercise self care. 

Is this a reflection of your personal approach?

Yes it is. I believe in the power of plants and the restorative effects from the consistent use of organic plant based skincare. I  maintain a good diet and exercise frequently. Reading is feeding the mind which I am trying to get back on. 

Do you believe in simple or sophisticated skincare routines?

I suppose a balance approach is my choice. When I have more time, I pamper myself with a complex skin care routine such as triple cleanse, double tonic, double mask, layering of serums, creams and oils. It is enjoyable.  On other days, a good cleanse, toner, moisturiser and sunblock will do. 

Are facials an important part of your skincare routine?

it is! I love good facials and I honestly feel that we offer the best facial treatments around. A good facial deep cleanses the pores, removes dead cells effectively, balances the skin pH allowing the optimal absorption of serums and creams, relaxes tense facial, neck, scalp and shoulders muscles. We incorporate lymphatic drainage massages into the treatment to stimulate the efficient flow of the lymph and encourage relaxation response in a highly stressed person. 

What is the single best piece of advice you would give someone with sensitive skin?

A person with ultra sensitive skin usually has an impaired acid mantle. Besides the usual advice to use gentle cleanser, tonic (non-alcohol based), moisturiser, I will advise the person to eat healthy means fresh fruits, food with high essential fatty acids (salmon and nuts) to allow the body to repair the skin from within. Be honest and strict with yourself. Are you eating the real food? 

Would you consider skincare to be more of a routine or a lifestyle?

I will consider skincare as a lifestyle! It's my “me” time each day as I allow the aroma of the skincare to relax me. The act of self-care is positive.

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