2nd Boutique?

I received many questions from well-meaning customer if I had plans to open 2nd store then (before Tras Street was opened). Hundreds of questions went through my mind whenever I had time to dwell on this. 

Part of me wanted to and the other half held back. Having a 2nd store would make me feel great, as if I had achieved another milestone in my life. But this would also mean taking more of my time to nurse the new branch into fruition. More worries when days are flat, more time to engage, more worries about the bottom line. Time with my business means lesser time with my family. As a woman, I want to be an all-rounder, a mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, home manager, tutor to my kids, money-earner and a friend. And most of all, I just want to have fun being a girl. I find it hard at times or most time. 

It require a a lot of determination and external support to hold these in well.

In the meantime, just let me enjoy my time now as I am. 

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